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It is with great pleasure that we find ourselves once again in Bretagne, France to accompany Sandrine & Samuel for this very important day : their wedding.<br>What makes the beauty of our professi...

Wedding report : Sandrine & Samuel - May 11, 2019

It is with great pleasure that we find ourselves once again in Bretagne, France to accompany Sandrine & Samuel for this very important day : their wedding.

What makes the beauty of our profession is also the variety of stories that we have the opportunity to follow and tell. This time, it's the Internet that has blossomed a beautiful relationship. Who said that the web only led to ephemeral stories?
The web allowed our married to meet and allows us today to admire the links they have been able to weave and the wealth that is born of their shared passions. A wealth that ended up creating a fertile ground for the emergence of a particularly intense love.
Five years later, we had the privilege to meet them on the anniversary of their meeting to celebrate an exalting marriage!
All conditions were met to make this day an exceptional moment: the weather, well decided to be lenient, through the setting of the Field of Keravel, a house of the nineteenth century by the sea with character, until most importantly, their families and friends, all united to support this commitment which is now theirs.
On the agenda of this new day filled with emotion and magic, a short tour on the side of the Abbey of Beauport for a couple photo session after the town hall, a moving secular ceremony at the Field of Keravel and, especially, a party at the height of their union that will have tested the endurance of the participants until the night ask for mercy.


Couple meeting

The day begins with the famous first look that marks the eagerly awaited meeting of the bride and groom in their respective outfits : 
Sigma Art 85 1,4 - Canon Eos R 

Sigma Art 85 1,4 - Canon Eos R 

Sigma Art 85 1,4 - Canon Eos R 

Civil ceremony at the town hall

We meet again at the town hall for a small committee signing, since our two lovers have chosen to celebrate their secular ceremony in the afternoon with all their guests.
We did not need many images to illustrate the love that binds them, so much has this day been dotted with soft and discreet attentions, without forgetting their exchanges of glances in which the informed eye knows how to recognize the complicity.
A myriad of intimate moments to capture that, as you can imagine, has met our expectations and give us good material to work with !

Sigma Art 85 1,4 Canon Eos R

Sigma Art 85 1,4 Canon Eos R 

Couple photos at Beauport Abbey

After a little lunch break to which Sandrine & Samuel kindly invited us, we went to the Beauport Abbey for a couple photo shoot.
Canon Eos R - Sigma 851,4

Canon Eos R - Sigma 851,4 

Canon Eos R - Sigma 85 1,4 

Sigma Art 35 1,4 - Canon 5d3 

Sigma Art 35 1,4 - Canon 5d3 

Sigma Art 35 1,4 - Canon 5d3

The wedding highlight : the secular ceremony

All this has irreparably led us to the most stirring moment of this marriage, in the presence of all their friends and family.
A beautiful secular ceremony that begins, as tradition dictates, by the appearance of our two newlyweds :

Canon Eos R 70-200 2,8 Serie L

Canon Eos R 70-200 2,8 Serie L 

Finally comes one of the moments we prefer and that we always look forward to with some impatience: the exchange of consents. As wedding photographers, it is a subtle and particularly fleeting moment during which all their love for one another is crystallized in their sole gaze.
From a technical point of view, despite the fact that we are unconditional fixed focal lengths at F1.4, when we have enough space and there is a lot of light (which is very often the case when secular ceremonies), the use of a 70-200mm allows us to be far enough not to disturb their privacy without missing the intensity of their exchange.
Canon Eos R 70-200 2,8 Serie L

Canon Eos R 70-200 2,8 Serie L 

Then comes the exchange of alliances symbolizing their union, another out of time moment that always offers us the opportunity to capture beautiful images :

Canon Eos R 70-200 2,8 Serie L

Canon Eos R 70-200 2,8 Serie L 

An alliance exchange that ends with the first kiss of our newlyweds !
Canon Eos R 70-200 2,8 Serie L

And to close this beautiful ceremony in style, our brides had planned to symbolize the union of their two families by throwing balls of wool, a metaphor all found to recall that a marriage is not the only alliance of two individuals, but also the fusion of two worlds and the creation of a multitude of unfailing links.


Wedding reception 

Here we are now at the reception, the perfect opportunity to indulge in traditional group photos.

We also take advantage of this moment to take a very important photo for the bride and groom: immortalize the wedding rings and the room decoration.
Canon Eos R 100mm macro Serie L

Canon Eos R 35 mm Sigma Art 

Twilight, since we come here, is another of our favorite moments. Every time the sun goes down, it gives us ten minutes dazzling with a perfect and warm light, an ideal moment that our grooms never refuse to use for a short five-minute photo shoot.
Judge for yourself taking the time to carefully observe the sun's rays gently highlight the delicate curves of Sandrine's hair :
Canon Eos R - 85 1,4 Sigma Art

The evening light also offers a dynamic range of high brightness that lends itself perfectly to black and white photography.

Canon Eos R - 85 1,4 Sigma Art

The wedding party

After all these emotions, it is time to declare open the festivities that will not fail to endure the endurance of the bride and groom and their guests, from the dusk to the beginnings of dawn!
Canon Eos R 35 mm Sigma Art

Canon Eos R 35 mm Sigma Art 

Canon Eos R 35 mm Sigma Art 

Canon Eos R 35 mm Sigma Art 

Canon Eos R 35 mm Sigma Art

If for us the day ends around one in the morning, we take one last photograph, full of poetry and sweetness, before letting our newlyweds and guests celebrate their union as it should be until dawn comes to illuminate with its shimmering lights the very first moments of their married life, after a marriage rich in emotion, and a most trying holiday.

This is the end of this new report, so we look forward to seeing you soon for new emotions and, above all, beautiful pictures. 

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