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When it comes to wedding, none of our choices should be left to chance, and the least we can say is that Mélanie and Cyril, our newlyweds of the day, have understood it perfectly!<br>After their meeti...

Wedding at Manoir de Chivré on May 4, 2019

When it comes to wedding, none of our choices should be left to chance, and the least we can say is that Mélanie and Cyril, our newlyweds of the day, have understood it perfectly!
After their meeting in 2008 and the birth of their two princesses, they chose to get married on May 4, 2019 in an exceptional place: Le Manoir de Chivré. Lovers of charm, elegance and beautiful stone, this is a charming property nestled in a bucolic green space that has been able to perfectly meet their requirements.
Indeed, when Mélanie described her wedding, elegance was one of her three key words for this special day.
The other two were simplicity and happiness.
I do not think I'm lying in saying that bliss was on our bride and groom faces, as for simplicity, it was again a success. At their wedding, they chose to leave aside the superfluous to take us to meet authenticity with joy and good humor.
Elegance, simplicity and happiness. An equation with formidable efficiency, for a truly exceptional day!

As you already know, wedding photography is a demanding discipline, but with such a space and a couple like Mélanie and Cyril, we have (almost) nothing more to do than let ourselves be carried away by the magic of the moment and let the inspiration do all the work.

Manor exploration and preparations

Our meeting was set at 10am for the start of preparations. We were warmly welcomed by Laurence, the owner, and it will not take us long to see that she is fully involved in the success of the wedding! 
It was a real pleasure to work with her, so much she made every effort to make everything happen for the better.
After this first very friendly contact, we just have to enter the mansion to find everything that fascinates us in wedding photography.

Manoir de Chivré - Sigma Art 20mm 1,4 and Canon Eos R

Manoir de Chivré - Drone DJI MAVIC 2 PRO 
The rooms, spacious and tastefully decorated, are really bright thanks to large and wide windows, which greatly facilitates our work as a photographer. A true paradise for taking pictures against the light and playing with natural light.
Room at Manoir de Chivré - Sigma Art 20mm 1,4 and Canon Eos R

Wedding dress against the light - Sigma Art 85 1,4

Preparing the groom - Sigma Art 85 1,4 

Preparing the bride – Natural light - Sigma Art 85 1,4 

Civil wedding ceremony at the town hall 

Groom’s signature - Sigma Art 20 1,4 

Bride’s signature - Sigma Art 20 1,4 


Wedding ceremony at the church

Entry of the bride with her dad - Sigma Art 85 1,4

Exchange of alliances - Sigma art 85 1,4 

Exchange of alliances - Sigma Art 85 1,4 

Group photos

A group photo shoot in a warm and relaxed mood, always in joy and good humor, like the whole wedding! 
The married ones and their witnesses - Sigma Art 85 1,4

The bride with her parents - Sigma Art 85 1,4 

Couple photos 

As for the couple photos, no bad surprise! The bride and groom are natural, spontaneous and perfectly comfortable. A bliss that makes it easy for us: just press the shutter button, and they are doing all the work for us.
Couple photos in gardens - Sigma Art 85 1,4 

Couple photos in gardens - Sigma Art 85 1,4 

Couple photos in gardens - Sigma Art 85 1,4 

The wedding party

Since the beginning of this article, we do not dare praise the Manoir de Chivré, but it is not every day that we have the chance to work in such a beautiful place, with such nice owners
Imagine a second: originally, this huge room was a barn. Yes, a barn. If you can’t figure it out, it's perfectly fine, because Laurence and her husband have done a tremendous job to restore it, making it an exceptional place which live up to the married ones’ expectations because of its charm and the care taken in its decoration! 
Reception room of Manoir de Chivré - Sigma Art 20 1,4 

Reception room of Manoir de Chivré with lighting - Sigma Art 20 1,4 

Reception room of Manoir de Chivré - Sigma Art 85 1,4 

A little tour on the side of animations with the adjectives game to see that even if our married people do not always agree ... 

Adjectives game - Sigma Art 85 1,4

... everything always ends for the best!

Adjectives game - Sigma Art 85 1,4

Finally, we will end this day where we started: in front of the manor with the complicity of Laurence who has kindly agreed to turn off all the outdoor lights to allow us to take this last beautiful shot. 

Sigma Art 85 1,4

We hope this article has been as pleasant to read, that it has been pleasant to write and that you will meet again very soon for another wedding report.

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